Ever heard All asphalt is the same?

Fact is - it is not all the same!
Problem is - you will not know it until the job is complete & contractor is long gone.
Generally, good jobs go unnoticed. You will notice a bad job, usually when it’s too late.

Consumer Beware!

No matter if you are a residential or commercial customer there are pavement "rip-off artists" and unscrupulous contractors looking for you. Here are a few tips on common scam tactics and how to avoid those "fly by night" contractors.

First a very basic rule.
Never contract any job on impulse, no matter what the good reason or "today only" bargain seems to be.

  1. Avoid the "left over materials" line. Someone stops by and says they have some materials left over from another job and offer you a great deal right now. Reputable contractors calculate materials carefully and seldom have more than a small amount of "leftovers" never enough to do an entire job.
  2. Beware of "fancy" trucks with small rollers or equipment carried on light "utility" type trailers, and "drag box" asphalt spreaders that pull behind the dump truck.
  3. Look out for price units. Bids quoted by "gallons, tons, square feet, etc." are usually rip-offs waiting to happen. Do you know pavement work well enough to know for sure how many units the contractor used? A common ploy is to charge per gallon for sealcoating or to charge for asphalt work by the ton. Stay away from these guys. A good contractor gives firm bids with a "total" price and generally provides a proposal with what is included. Do not assume anything not listed is included.
  4. Beware the non-local. Does it really make sense for a contractor with out of state plates or from 100 miles away to be at your door or office?
  5. Does the deal sound to good to be true? It usually is.
  6. There are too many others to list but remember the basic rule. Use common sense and never decide "right now" on a job you didn't ask for first.

Scammers prey on people with parking lots or driveways that are in need of repair. They install a “scab patch” over the top of the failed asphalt areas. They say it will look new again. Without proper preparation procedures, which they typically do not do, the asphalt ends up in a pile as seen in these pictures. The “scab patch” was installed in the summer and the asphalt ended up in a pile after the snow plowing season. If asphalt is not properly installed it could cost 3 times what it should have originally. First to have scammers install it, second to have that asphalt removed and cleaned up, and third have a reputable asphalt contractor do it properly. Give us a call, we will do it right the first time.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions. Know what you are getting, for what price. If they will not answer your questions, call us, WE WILL!

Think about doing business with a “Pave and Wave” asphalt contractor.

We specialize in all aspects of asphalt installation for drive ways and parking lots. If the existing project needs only a little fine grading, complete excavation, stone installation, or grading to insure proper drainage, call us to handle it with exceptional quality!

No matter if you are a residential or commercial customer there are pavement "rip-off artists" and unscrupulous contractors looking for you.

Demand the ABSOLUTE Best!